Adopt-A-Family, Tarrant County 817-281-1164

Self-sufficiency and transitional housing programs for homeless families. (F) (www.thecec.org)

211 United Way

Americaʼs Pregnancy Helpline, Dallas 888-467-8466

Nationwide helpline and referrals for pregnancy related issues. Provides education, counseling and referrals. (F SP) (www.thehelpline.org)

Arlington Charities, Inc. 817-275-1511

Emergency food pantry, used clothing, household items and seasonal programs. (F SP) Arlington Address 9 and 12 Monday through Friday

Brady Social Service Center, Dallas 214-826-8330

Emergency assistance to low-income families with children in East Dallas area. Programs available for adults age 60+. Adult education programs. (F SP)

Brighter Tomorrows, Dallas County, DeSoto, Cedar Hill 24 hrs/972-262-8383 Emergency shelter and nonresident services for domestic and sexual violence survivors. (F SP) (www.brightertomorrows.org)

Christian Community Action, Lewisville 972-221-1224

Assistance with housing, food, rent, utilities, adult healthcare, training and job placement 972-436-HELP opportunities for families in crisis. (F SP) (www.ccahelp.org)

Collin County Childrenʼs Advocacy Center, Plano 972-633-6600

Prevention, detection and treatment of children in Collin County who are victims of sexual and physical abuse. (F SP) (www.cacplano.org)

Contact Counseling and Crisis Line 24 hrs/972-233-2233

Confidential telephone helpline, crisis intervention, information 24 hrs/972-233-TEEN and referrals serving the Greater Dallas Metroplex.

(F) (www.contactdallas.org) (www.teencontact.org) 

Dallas Childrenʼs Advocacy Center 214-818-2600
Treatment for children in Dallas County who are victims of sexual and physical abuse; education and training about issues related to child abuse. (S SP) (www.dcac.org)

Family Emergency Assistance Center, Dallas 214-941-8596
Emergency food pantry, rent and utilities assistance for areas in zip codes 75203, 08, 11, 16, 24 and 33 only. (F SP)

The Family Place, Dallas 24 hrs/214-941-1991
Shelter, counseling and transitional housing for battered individuals and their children; counseling for batterers. (F SP) (www.familyplace.org)

Friends of the Family, Denton 24 hrs/800-572-4031; 940-387-5131
Provides shelter, counseling and advocacy for victims of sexual assault and family violence. Offers counseling for batterers. (F S SP) (www.dcfof.com)

Genesis Womenʼs Shelter, Dallas 24 hrs/214-942-2998,
Shelter for battered women and children. Provides residential and outpatient counseling and casework services. (F SP) (www.genesisshelter.org)

Grand Prairie United Charities 972-262-2014
Provides immediate and temporary assistance with utilities and rent to those in need. Offers food pantry and referrals to other agencies. (F SP) (www.gpuc.org)

Happy Hill Farm Academy/Home, Granbury 254-897-4822
A year-round residential treatment center for boys and girls at risk, ages 5-18. (S SP) (www.happyhillfarm.org)

Hopeʼs Door, Collin County 24 hrs/972-422-7233
Short-term residential care and counseling for women and their children who are victims of family violence. (F SP)

Housing Crisis Center, Dallas 214-828-4244
Temporary and transitional housing, counseling and financial assistance, assistance in locating permanent housing, legal advice on tenantsʼ rights and mediation with landlords.
(F SP) (www.housingcrisiscenter.org) 

Shared Housing, Dallas 214-821-8510
Provides transitional housing for women and children up to 12 months. Facilitates home sharing arrangements between home providers and home seekers. ($ S SP) (www.sharedhousing.org)

Skillful Living Center, Inc., Dallas 214-330-8468
Restores family stability by preventing disruptive behaviors like teen pregnancy, drug abuse, child abuse, violence and delinquency. (F) (community.dallasnews.com)

Suicide and Crisis Center, Dallas County 24 hrs/214-828-1000
Telephone counseling for persons in crisis, including those contemplating suicide and their families or friends. Support groups for survivors of suicide. (F) (www.sccenter.org)

Texas Department of Human Services, Arlington Metro/817-460-6491
Determines eligibility for food stamps, Medicaid and TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families). Provides community care for persons who are aged or disabled. (F SP)

Texas Department of Protective and Regulatory Services Hotline 24 hrs/ 800-252-5400
“Hotline” to report cases of child and elderly adult abuse and neglect. (F SP) (www.tdprs.state.tx.us)

Texas Department of Protective and Regulatory Services Regional Office
(Formerly Child Protective Services.) Foster care and adoption services for children in Collin, Dallas and Tarrant counties. (F SP) (www.tdprs.state.tx.us)

Texas Runaway Hotline (www.texasrunaway.org) 24 hrs/888-580-4357
National Runaway Switchboard (www.nrscrisisline.org) 24 hrs/800-621-4000 Assistance, referrals and transportation for runaways and troubled youth; personal and confidential message relay service between runaways and their families. (F SP)

Texas Youth Hotline 24 hrs/800-210-2278
Provides crisis intervention and telephone counseling to troubled youth and families who face issues related to family conflicts, delinquency, truancy, abuse and neglect. (F SP) (www.texasyouth.org) 

Trinity Works, Dallas 214-653-1711
Multipurpose center for individuals and families who are in need. Provides job training, placement and case management. Medical clinic and psychiatric care available.
(F SP) (www.trinityworks.org)

The Turning Point, Plano 24 hrs/800-886-7273
Crisis intervention and support for victims of sexual assault and their families and friends. (F SP)

Victims Outreach, Dallas 214-358-5173
Information, referrals, emotional support, free counseling services and other types of assistance to victims of violent crime. (F SP)

Womenʼs Center of Tarrant County, Rape Crisis and Victims Services Hotline 24 hrs/ 817-927-2737
Support and counseling for victims of crime and sexual assault.
(F S SP) (www.womenscenter.org)

Womenʼs Haven of Tarrant County Inc., Fort Worth 24 hrs/817-535-6464 Menʼs Counseling Program. BIP program. 817-536-3809
Counseling Center 817-536-5496
Emergency shelter and counseling for victims of domestic violence. (F S SP) (www.womenshaven.org)

Womenʼs Shelter, Arlington 24 hrs/817-460-5566
Emergency shelter, counseling and legal assistance for women and children who are victims of family violence. (F SP)

YMCA Casa Shelter, Dallas 214-358-4504
Emergency residential care for children ages 10-17 who are runaways, in crisis or in need of alternative living arrangements. (S SP) (www.ymcadallas.org)

Harvest House 349 West Renfro Burleson, Texas (817) 295-6252 Contact: Alice Bleeker
Provides immediate and temporary assistance with utilities and rent to those in need. Offers food pantry and referrals to other agencies.